Security Services

Corporate infrastructure and its workforce are an integral part of any growing organization. Recent years have seen a rise in the security breaches leading to high levels of catastrophes affecting the bottom lines.Stealth has been a fore runner in this region & is known for its trained, committed, motivated and disciplined work force which renders high quality services to large corporate houses and commercial complexes in metro and 2nd/3rd tiers cities.

Training Program : Training security personnel is an ongoing process and begins with classroom training followed by three days of on-the-job training.

We also undertake cost effective physical exercises and combat training on a daily basis before commencing the day's work. The members of the ERT undergo regular firefighting and rescue operations drills.As per clients request : We also provide on location training as a service to the clients existing security guards, which comes in handy during any emergency that may occur.

Regular Security Audit - Periodical security audits are done at all properties by a team of professionals & recommendations are made to clients for any changes that may be required for improvised security, on time to time basis.

Monitoring of Properties - Surprise night checks are done by Area-Managers. Branch heads too have frequent site visits to get first-hand information. Our Area Officers carry out site visit and reports to HO for further action to be taken if needed.

Forefront Protection High levels of Security with Regular Security Audit & Monitoring of Properties


360° Safety & Security Solutions

Our team a driving force behind the scenes strive hard to achieve customer satisfaction taking you to the next level of security .