An Initiative...

News Release about our ERT training given to School Children at Inorbit Mall Vashi on 7th Feb'2012
07, FEBRUARY, 2010
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Major Mishap Averted

Our Team of Stealth trained personel played an instrumental role in what was going to be a maor fire breakout in a prime business location during peak hours.
22 January, 2015
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ERT @ work

News release about our ERT extinguished huge fire near Center One Mall Vashi.
22 January, 2014
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Stealth - ERT in Action

At the Fire Safety Week 2015 - Stealth ERT won laurels by perfoming against time and tide leaving security agencies behind in the race.
15 April 2015
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360° Safety & Security Solutions

Our team a driving force behind the scenes strive hard to achieve customer satisfaction taking you to the next level of security .