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Why Choose Us

Stealth Management Solutions (P) Ltd. OHSAS 18001 : 2007 compliant company is one of the leading Security Services Provider, with top of the line of elite customers since 2008. During this short span of time we have built our portfolio to influence and inspire the Security market place to spread our services in cities like Pune & Kolhapur with Mumbai being the headquarter.

Stealth deploys highly trained, skilled and licensed quality security personnel for day to day guarding and vigilance duties to major commercial establishments like

Corporate Houses, Industries, Banks, Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Clubs, Airports, Construction Sites, Events, and in Tourism industry also.

Our USP lies in the ERT (Emergency Response Team) that handles emergencies arising due to an outbreak of fire, accidents, medical aid, bomb threats, thefts/pilferage, violence or any kind of untoward incident that requires quick and deft handling thus safeguarding both lives people & property.




Jane Doe

Stealth Group is a fastest growing safety oriented organization that believes in long term relationship developed and maintained with an inclusive and personal approach towards our clients.

My aim is to safeguard the lives and property from any kind of disaster that may occur. Stealth endeavors to be the foremost recommended company in the category of Securing & Safeguarding.

My vision is to set benchmarks in the security industry by taking it to the next level and bring a change in people’s perceptions towards the security industry & represent high levels of commitment towards our customers which makes them feel safe & secure. I strive to keep my employees happy and cherished as they play a key role for our growth & I believe that “A Happy Employee is an efficient Employee”..

Stayni Bardeskar , Director

Management Team

Under the aegis of our Mr. Stayni Bardeskar – our Founder and Director our team comprise of Branch Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Fire Fighters and Security Guards that work one heartedly towards one goal that come from the top carried forth in perfection by the downlines thus affecting the bottomlines of the company.

Our ValueS

We live up to our mission by keeping our promises live with Transparent and candidness we earn credibility and respect. We are considerate courteous and attentive to our employees, clients and vendors. Our internal and external associates can count on our allegiance and dependability. We believe in and trust our employees and hold them accountable for their actions. We are driven by a culture of discipline, we will provide consistent, high quality services. Through innovation, foresight and initiative, we will remain an industry leader and expect employees to lead by example. We will offer unique services to each client by always remaining agile

Our Skill Sets

Stealth has got unique skill set in Securing the lives and properties, Stealth understands the wide range of risk exposure facing corporations, politicians, organizations and celebrities. Protecting important individuals from unique risks, threats and dangers requires highly skilled securing services. Stealth Security Services employs highly trained individuals with unique skill sets and traditionally have an experienced personnel who not only secure but monitor . This level of experience and expertise is essential in protecting individuals and Firms from threats and dangers directed at them.

360° Safety & Security Solutions

Our team a driving force behind the scenes strive hard to achieve customer satisfaction taking you to the next level of security .