Our Award

Rewards & Recognition

The purpose of the system is to improve the security service provided to Stealth’s clients by rewarding employees not only for exceptional, special efforts, but also for excellent day-to-day performance.

We also encourage employee referrals and involvement in company growth. Our motivational programs are summarized below. Service Award Bonus Program – eligible personnel who have been with Stealth for at least one year are rewarded with monetary awards through a lottery system. Perfect Attendance Bonus Program – eligible personnel who have achieved perfect attendance and superior duty performance for a calendar quarter are rewarded with a monetary award through a lottery system.

Impact Award Bonus Program – employees who are identified by their contract manager as a person who has performed above and beyond what is normally expected are rewarded with a letter of commendation and when the event warrants, a monetary award.

360° Safety & Security Solutions

Our team a driving force behind the scenes strive hard to achieve customer satisfaction taking you to the next level of security .